Greeting Card Mockup

Greeting Card Mockup


Showcase your greeting card designs, patterns and illustrations with our Greeting Card Mockup. This is a flexible .psd-file with 6 editable areas including the artwork on the greeting card, artwork on the envelope & color of the envelope.

Editable areas:

  • Greeting Card (place your artwork on the greeting card)

  • Envelope art (place your artwork on the envelope, for example a pattern)

  • Envelope color (pick a color for the envelope)

  • Background art/pattern (place artwork at the background for a playful look)

  • Background colour (change background colour)

Instructions are included.

Size: 4000x3000 px, 300 dpi

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The Surface pattern design on the presentation images are made by Maja Faber . Copyright Maja Faber.

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