Markers Procreate Brushes

Markers Procreate Brushes


This Markers Brush Pack with our carefully selected handmade brushes for Procreate is made to give you the feeling of drawing with markers, but digitally.

The brush pack comes with 13 different brushes, handmade out of real markers drawings. The textures that the brushes are made of are high quality seamless patterns, which means that you can easily adjust the sizes of the brush while maintaining the quality of the textures.

How to use the brushes: Many of these brushes have transparency in them. Lift your Apple Pencil while drawing to add a darker shade of color. This can look quite different depending om which brush you use so make sure to play around with all of them! We also have 3 texture brushes so that you can fine-tune your desired look.

How to install Procreate Brushes:


  • Procreate App

  • Apple Pencil

  • iPad Pro

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Check out the brushes and how to use them in this demo.