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About us

We are Maja and Adrian Faber - a creative couple with a passion for design. We started Faber Co as a way of creating together. Faber Co is where we combine our technical skills with our knowledge and experience in design and art to create carefully selected, high quality design assets to be used in your artwork.

Maja is a print & pattern designer, online educator and a tech nerd who loves to learn new things and to figure out smart creative solutions to technical issues. With Faber Co she gets to nourish her inner nerd and explore new horizons within both the technical and the artistic areas of creating digital design assets.

Adrian is a graphic designer and web designer, with an artistic soul and is a man full of new ideas waiting to be both discovered and explored. Faber Co is his playground where he gets to experiment with new media and create art that cultivates and nourishes his artistic side.

Our brushes are created by hand, we use real artistic materials and transform them from analog to digital.

Our mockups are high quality editable .psd-files, made to be flexible and easy to work with.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do!